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Looking for an easy home cooking solution to an age old problem?

The amazing new Handle and Serve is the right kitchen utensil for cooking made easy. Preparing that Thanksgiving turkey or other Roast Entree with the "Handle and Serve" will aid in your joy of cooking, by knowing the turkey baking in the oven will come out of the roasting pan and onto the platter without a hitch. The "Handle and Serve" is that one cooking accessory to assure you haven't spent all day preparing the feast, only to endure the aggravation of not being able to remove the main entree from the pan.

Let's face it, most of us have had the problem at one time or another. Everyone has seen the side dishes being set and are waiting for the main event, gathered around the table. The delightful smells of cooking which have filled the senses all day, mouths watering, tummies grumbling in anticipation - then - disaster!! The entree is served in pieces because you just couldn't remove it easily from the pan. It didn't have to happen this way!! "HANDLE AND SERVE" it!!

The "Handle And Serve" has proven itself in a variety of other meals including ham, beef or pork roast, chicken, vegetables, and many more. So the next time you're ready to cook any meal, you can "HANDLE AND SERVE" it!!

How It Works:

    1.) After removing this paper header, if attached to the “Handle and Serve”, be sure to properly dispose of any staples.

    2.) Place the “Handle and Serve” under the turkey or other food to be prepared with the grippers facing toward the food. Check the balance and pull the handles together to help secure the food. Place into the roasting pan or oven bag and bake.

    3.) Maximum weight of food is 45 pounds and temperature must not exceed 425 degrees or used when the top elements of the oven come on. Never use when broiling.

    4.) The “Handle and Serve” is also a great tool for those large food items in stock pots on top of the stove as long as ample liquid remains in the pot. (The “Handle and Serve” must Never be used in a dry pan or pot on top of the stove.)

    5.) When an item being prepared is done, the “Handle and Serve” may be hot. The “Handle and Serve” cools very quickly and should be cool to the touch soon after removal from the oven or stove. Test for being hot at your own risk. Hot pads or oven mitts are recommended. Transfer food product in “Handle and Serve” to platter. “Handle and Serve’s” handles may be cut off with a pair of scissors for presentation, slicing, or carving.

    6.) The “Handle and Serve” is a patented product and is disposable for easy cleanup. Baking may discolor “Handle and Serve” but it may be reused after proper cleaning. Dishwasher Safe!

The “Handle and Serve” is tested for food items weighing up to 45 pounds and should only be used for holding and lifting, up to this amount of food ONLY! Excessive pulling, twisting, tugging, etc. is not the intended use. BK Industries will not be held responsible for use of the “Handle and Serve” other then its intended use, according to the instructions.